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Sierra Club
Sierra Club
Welcome to the Sierra Club Cascade Chapter web site and thank you for taking the time to find out what Sierra Club Cascade chapter is all about. Find out how we protect our priceless natural heritage here in Washington State through; hikes&outings, hands-on conservation work, public outreach, meeting with legislators, and electing candidates who care about our environment.
Washington Environmental Council
Washington Environmental Council is a statewide, non-profit organization of individual volunteers and affiliated organizations working to protect, preserve, and restore the environment of Washington State. We have offices in Seattle, Olympia, and Spokane.

Washington State Conservation Partnership
The Washington State Conservation Partnership is dedicated to enabling Washington citizens to better conserve and enhance our agricultural and natural resources.

Conservation Commision
The Conservation Commission is an independent agency of state government formed by the same 1939 statute authorizingconservation districts. The Commission is made up of three individuals elected by conservation district supervisors, thePresident of WACD, two individuals appointed by the Governor and representatives of four state agencies. Commission staffwork for the Commission directly.

Association of Women in Environmental Professions
The Association of Women in Environmental Professions (AWEP) is dedicated to environmental education and the advancement of women and others interested in the environment. We educate the public and our members about environmental issues. We also provide insights regarding how through environmental professions individuals can be a part of a team effectively addressing environmental challenges. We believe that environmental professionals from all walks -- industry, government, academia, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations -- can help ensure a bright future that is rich in environmental resources for this generation, and those to come.

Sound Experience
Protecting Puget Sound through education since 1989 aboard the historic schooner.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance
For more than fifteen years, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance (PSA) has brought together concerned citizens, businesses and government agencies to work on marine environmental issues in a responsible and balanced manner. Our experience has shown us that people want to do the right thing environmentally. And, not only are good environmental practices good for Puget Sound, but they can be good for business. Through education and advocacy, we make these beliefs a reality.

George Washington University Institute for the Environment
The George Washington University Institute for the Environment was created to carry out the GW Green University Initiative.Our mission is to commit the resources and expertise of the University to create a sustainable future. We are working to infusea strong, positive environmental ethic into all of our activities, including education, research and service, while developingsustainable facilities on our campuses.

This site is brought to you by The George Washington University Institute for the Environment, through The Green UniversityInitiative -- a unique public-private partnership between The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and The GeorgeWashington University. This site was formerly known as the National Environmental Information Resources Center. The National EnvironmentalInformation Resources Center function of this site has been improved, and is now be located in the Environmental InformationResources section of this site.

Environmental Education Association of Washington
The Environmental Education Association of Washington (EEAW) is a dynamic, non-profit organization comprised of teachers, agency people, business representatives and community educators dedicated to offering and promoting effective environmental education to all sectors of Washington.

Environmental Information Center
The Environmental Information Center is a community clearinghouse for environmental information and education in ClarkCounty, Washington. EIC maintains a resource library, organizes environmental education programs, and provides numerousother services to county residents. A more detailed description of EIC is available

Ecopsychology and Environmental Education
This site offers hands-on, nature/psychology resilience, activities, personal and environmental recovery, books, courses by email, internships, discussion groups, workshops, distance learning degree programs, careers, therapies, online, interactive, discovery trails, values, social inventions, behaviorial science, newsletters, Earthday and Millennium activities, globally balanced thinking, webstrings, sensory ecology.

Wolf Haven International
We hope that you'll visit us often! We are a non-profit organization known throughout the world as one of the wolf's greatest friends and allies.

University of Washington Environmental Health and Safety
The Mission of the Department of Environmental Health and Safety is to work with the University of Washington's departments and organizational units, so that they: 1.Provide an environment that protects and promotes health and safety 2.Are in compliance with environmental health and safety laws, regulations, codes, and recognized standards developed for the protection of the health and safety of individuals associated with the University including, but not limited to, students, faculty, staff, visitors, and those in the surrounding community.

Department of Environmental Health
"We are a dynamic department whose primary focus is discovering and analyzing the links between human health and the environment. The faculty is multidisciplinary and includes physicians, engineers, chemists, toxicologists, industrial hygienists, and other public health scientists. Whatever their focus, these researchers share a common goal - to understand and manage environmental safety and health risks and, in so doing, to protect human health and well being. We invite you to explore our programs and activities."

The New Adventurers' Club
The mission of The New Adventurers' Club is to empower all members and friends to make a difference in the future of planet Earth by providing a forum for critically thinking about issues concerning the environment and specifically, endangered species. The goal of the club is to connect people on this planet, and to form a global community to develop a proactive path towards a sustainable Earth.

Chehalis River Council
The Chehalis River Council (CRC) was formed in 1994 to lead the implementation of the Chehalis River Basin Action Plan (CRBAP). The CRBAP is the document produced by the volunteers in the basin who worked with local Conservation Districts to identify the water quality issues facing the Chehalis river system. When state and federal implementation funding was not available, the CRC volunteers wrote grants, won competitive funding, formed a nonprofit corporation,and began implementation.

Audubon in Washington State
The mission of the National Audubon Washington State office is to strengthen chapter effectiveness, protect wildlife habitat, convey the relationship between habitat protection, human opportunity and sustainable economies, and be a recognized voice for the environment in Washington.

Coalition to End Primate Experimentation
CEPE was founded to expose the torture of monkeys and apes in the seven (now eight) federally-funded "Regional Primate Research Centers." Because these facilities are federally-funded a percentage of your paycheck (FICA) supports the unimaginable daily suffering of the animals in these laboratories. The effort has since grown as a general call to end the torture of primates in every lab in the nation.

Northwest Animal Rights Network(NARN)
NARN is a Seattle, Washington based grassroots group fighting for animals through activism andadvocacy since the mid 1980's. We are one of the most most active and diverse small scale groupsyou will ever see. Please browse our site below. We try to give you fresh and unique informationthat can't be found anywhere else. Enjoy.

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