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Featured Site
Alliance For Chesapeake Bay
Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay
The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is a regional nonprofit organization that builds and fosters partnerships for the restoration of the Bay and its rivers. We believe that cooperation between informed and active citizens is the best foundation for the Bay’s future.
Sierra Club
Welcome to the home page of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Virginia Chapter consists of thirteen local groups throughout Virginia.

Virginia Wilderness
The Wilderness Act was passed in 1964. The eight years of constant effort to win its passage created a solid foundation of support in the Congress and nationwide which continues effectively to this day.

Department of Environmental Quality
For Virginia environmental programs, current events and news releases visit the Department of Environmental Quality web site.

UVA Recycles!
Our Division is tasked with the mission of diverting as much waste from the landfill as possible.

Wildlife Center of Virginia
Established in 1982, The Wildlife Center of Virginia is the nation's leading teaching and research hospital for native wildlife. Each year, we provide thousands of injured and orphaned wild animals with state-of-the-art veterinary care, free of charge, with the goal of returning them to the wild. We also train veterinarians, veterinary students, and wildlife rehabilitators from all over the United States. As a privately funded, non-profit organization, The Wildlife Center's work is supported entirely by people who share a concern for wildlife and the environment.

Waste Policy Center
The Waste Policy Center is an environmental consulting and communications organization based in Leesburg, Virginia. The WPC deals with environmental management and policy issues related to both business and government organizations.

Virginia Watersheds
To enhance cooperative efforts between environmental organizations, community groups, and areagovernments, the BIOS Project provides on-line public-access to watershed homepages for the Chesapeake Bay and itstributaries.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
DCR's mission statement is short: To Conserve Virginia's natural and recreational resources. Its length, however, belies the importance of the task.

Soil and Water Conservation
Welcome! This section of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation's website covers soil and water conservation issues and programs. It contains information on nonpoint source pollution (NPS) control, steps you can take to help reduce water pollution, and many details about agency soil and water conservation programs.

Potomac River basin
Our mission is to enhance, protect and conserve the water and associated land resources of the Potomac River basin and its tributaries through regional and interstate cooperation.

Environmental Opportunities
Environmental opportunities within the Potomic River Watershed.

The Conservation Fund
The Conservation Fund seeks sustainable conservation solutions for the 21st century, emphasizing the integration of economic and environmental goals. Through real estate transactions, demonstration projects, education, and community-based activities, the Fund seeks innovative long-term measures to conserve land and water.

Virginia Beach Student Environmental Commission
The Student Environmental Commission (SEC) is an organization in which Virginia Beach's high school students come together to improve and appreciate their environment.

Commission on Environmental Stewardship
The Commission on Environmental Stewardship was created by Governor George Allen on June 4, 1996 and is chaired byAttorney General James S. Gilmore, III. The Commission will advise the Governor on matters related to the wise stewardshipof Virginia's natural resources, including identification of goals and strategies for environmental protection and improvement.

Piedmont Environmental Council
The Piedmont Environmental Council was established in 1972 to promote and protect the Piedmont's rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty. The Piedmont Environmental Council is a non-profit rural land conservation organization serving nine counties in the Virginia Piedmont. We are committed to protecting farms, forests, wetlands and open spaces in addition to promoting a rural economy.

Virginia Conservation Network
The Virginia Conservation Network (VCN) is devoted to advancing a common, environmentally sound vision for Virginia. Created in 1990, the Network's membership is comprised of more than 100 groups committed to protecting Virginia's natural resources.

Ragged Mountain Resource Center
A non-profit, community oriented organization focusing on sustainability of the Rappahannock River Watershed and Blue Ridge Mountain Bioregion based in Rappahannock County, Virginia, we help coordinate educational and recreational activities such as hikes, water monitoring and similar natural history projects, environmentally balanced living practices, and provide general information about the region.

The Preservation Alliance of Virginia
The Preservation Alliance of Virginia is Virginia's largest preservation network, supporting Virginia's preservation interests at every level -- local, state, and national. The Alliance provides services and technical advice for preservation projects and programs; communication among individuals, businesses, and organizations interested in preservation; and educational opportunities for preservationists and the public.

Environmental Interest Orginization
EIO is a not for profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible. Wedepend on support from individuals and on grantmaking to keep this web siteup-dated and accessible to all. Contributions help us continue working, and will begreatly appreciated by everyone who uses our site. It's a huge project, and we needyour help. Please e-mail our web address to friends from time to time. Thank you very much for your participation and continued support.

Land Trust for Virginia
You can help protect your community's natural and historic resources by promoting conservation easements as a land preservation tool, by considering a conservation easement for your own land, and by joining The Land Trust of Virginia.
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