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Tennessee Green
Tennessee Green
TnGreen.com is a joint project of the Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition (TVERC) and the Foundation for Global Sustainability's Green Media Project.
The Little Tennessee River Greenway & Restoration Project
This ambitious project will restore and preserve the Little Tennessee River and its tributaries, improve wildlife habitat and fisheries, enhance and protect wetlands, and create a six-mile greenway along the river in the urban heart of Macon County, NC.

Tennessee Citizens For Wilderness Planning
TCWP is dedicated to protecting natural lands and waters through public ownership, legislation, and cooperation with the private sector. While our primary focus is the Cumberland Plateau and Smoky Mountains, our efforts often extend to the rest of Tennessee and the nation.

The Tennessee Clean Air Task Force's Website
This website is maintained by the Tennessee Clean Air Task Force (TN CATF). Members of the Task Force include the American Lung Association of Tennessee, the Black Children's Institute, Foundation for Global Sustainability, Friends of the Clinch and Powell Rivers, League of Women Voters, Memphis Audobon Society, National Parks and Conservation Association, Recycle Nashville, Sierra Club of Tennessee, Tennessee Environmental Council, Tennessee Solar Energy Association, Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition, and the United Church of Christ Network for Environmental and Economic Responsibility.

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
A listing of programs providing information to the general public in order to increase public awareness.

Memphis Audubon Society
Memphis Audubon Society seeks to raise public awareness and involvement in issues that impact the wellbeing of the ecosystemsthat we and all other species call home.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club is a non-profit member-supported, public interest organization that promotes conservation of the naturalenvironment by influencing public policy decisions -- legislative, administrative, legal, and electoral.

Foothills Land Conservancy
An independent, non-profit land trust, the Conservancy strives to preserve the unique ecological, agricultural, and scenic resources of East Tennessee.

Save Our Cumberland Mountains
SOCM -- A rural Tennessee citizen's organization working for social, environmental, and economic justice.

Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition
The goal of the Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition is to make the Tennessee Valley Authority financially and environmentally responsible to the communities of the Tennessee Valley.

Tennessee Exotic Pest Plant Council
Although some non-native plant species display colorful flowers and are popular as garden ornamentals, they can be highly invasive and destructive to a natural environment. Many introduced, or "exotic" plants were planted to decorate homes and gardens. Over the years, they have escaped cultivation and have infested natural areas.

Coalition for a Healthy Environment
Coalition for a Healthy Environment, CHE, developed from the need of a support and research group involving the illnesses of workers at the Department of Energy Nuclear Facilities (K-25, X-10 and Y-12) and citizens of Oak Ridge, Tennessee and the surrounding area. We are interested in helping those who have been harmed by the contamination and operations of the Department of Energy facilities.

Inner City Outings
Inner City Outings (ICO) is a community outreach program of the Sierra Club that provides outdoor experiences and wilderness adventures for groups of individuals who might not otherwise have them.

Appalachian Bear Center
A true testament to their accomplishments, the Appalachian Bear Center waspresented with the "1998 Conservationist of the Year Award" sponsored by the TennesseeConservation League, the National Wildlife Federation and the Saturn Corporation. The award recognizes the ABC for outstandingcontributions to the responsible use and management ofTennessee's natural resources.
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