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Rhode Island
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Save the Bay
Save The Bay
Welcome to Save The Bay - Your source for information and fun on Narragansett Bay!
TheNature Conservancy
Our new Queen's River Preserve in Exeter features an unusual sand barren community. These sandy areas are home to some unusual insects including rare tiger beetles. Unfortunately the sand barrens at the preserve are disappearing as white pines and pitch pines encroach on them. Historically such areas were kept open by wild fires, but in recent years fire has been suppressed.

Citizens League for Environmental Action & Recovery, Inc.
Thank you to all who have contributed and worked with us over the years to provide freeenvironmental educational materials. Our efforts have taken us around the globe.Unfortunately, most of our larger funding sources have ended. And as you can surely appreciate,it is virtually impossible to run even the smallest non-profit without funding.

Division of Parks and Recreation
Is to provide all Rhode Island residents and Visitors the opportunity to enjoy a diverse mix of well-maintained, scenic, safe and accessible areas and facilities. To offer a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities and programming which may benefit and enhance our quality of life.

Arcadia Wildlife Management Area
Arcadia Wildlife Management Area is located in the towns of West Greenwich, Exeter, Hopkinton and Richmond.

Narragansett Chapter ofthe Appalachian Mountain Club
The Narragansett Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) is the local Rhode Island affiliateof the Boston based AMC. The AMC promotes the protection, enjoyment and wise use of the mountains, rivers, and trails of theNortheast. We believe that the mountains and rivers have an intrinsic worth and also provide recreationalopportunity, spiritual renewal and ecological and economic health for the region.

University of Rhode Island Coastal Institute
The Coastal Institute is a new initiative to bring natural and social sciences to bear on critical public policyissues related to the coastal and marine environment.

Sierra Student Coalition (SSC)
The Sierra Student Coalition (SSC) is the student-run arm of the Sierra Club -- North America's oldest and most effective grassrooots environmental organization. The SSC exists to empower younger people to take effective action for our planet.
National Earth-Sea's Directory Library
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