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Sierra ClubSierra Club
Sierra Club
The Sierra Club: protecting the environment... for our families, for our future. One world, one chance.
Oklahoma Department of EnvironmentalQuality
The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) celebrated its sixth anniversary on July 1, 1999. This anniversary provided an opportunity for the agency to reflect on the changes that have been made in its effort to become a more effective and efficient agency.

Oklahoma Conservation Commission
To provide conservation districts with the tools necessary for the conservation of Oklahoma's natural resources.

Environmental Health Education
Environmental Health Education is an essential part of mitigating the health risks from hazardous waste sites in Oklahoma. The Agency for Toxic Substance and Disease Registry has established cooperative agreements with state health agencies to facilitate this education and funds this project in Oklahoma. The project covers two areas: professional education and community education.

Oklahoma Corporation Commission
Since the beginning of 1995, the OERB has restored more than 1,000 orphaned and abandoned well sites in 52 counties across Oklahoma -- and more than 300 in 1998 alone! Currently, the agency has another 500 sites in some phase of restoration process. In addition, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is recommending an average of 30 new projects each month to OERB for restoration.

Ecology and the Environment
University of Oklahoma scientists and engineers realize the importance of protecting and preserving our environment for future generations. Ongoing research efforts in the national and international arenas continue to improve our quality of life while contributing to the economic development of the nation.

Water Garden Society ofOklahoma
The objective of this society is to promote interest, appreciation and enjoyment of water gardens and their surrounding natural habitat. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at the Will Rogers Exhibition Center, 3400 NW 36th (I-44 and NW 36th) in Oklahoma City at 7:00 pm. Visitors are welcome.

Project Learning Tree
Project Learning Tree is an award-winning environmental education program designed for teachers and othereducators working with students in pre-K through grade 12.

Environmental Quality
Personnel in this program provide information and expertise to other Service divisions; other Federal, State, and local agencies; and the public on the impacts of environmental contaminants on fish and wildlife resources. Surveys are conducted to determine levels and effects of contaminants, as well as remedies and mitigation measures, especially in habitats associated with important resources under Service responsibility.

Oklahoma State University Environmental Institute
The mission of the Environmental Institute is to serve as a center for stimulation and promotion of interdisciplinary research, graduate education, and public education related to understanding, protecting, utilizing, and sustaining the natural environment.
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