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Environmental Fund For Ohio
Environmental Fund For Ohio
We are "an umbrella group" - a federation of 26 nonprofit organizations, collaborating to link Ohio citizens with Ohio environmental and conservation organizations - providing citizens with opportunities to contribute to the protection of Ohio's environmental health.
To protect human health and the environment through responsible regulation supported by sound science, quality service, and comprehensive environmental education.

Green Environmental Coalition
The Green Environmental Coalition (GEC) is a Midwestern, non-profit organization focused on clean water, toxic chemical reductions, urban sprawl, and public participation.

Affinity is Ohio's Free environmental newspaper distributed throughout Northeastern Ohio and in various cities and townsthroughout the state. The purpose of this publication is to provide vital information to help educate citizens so that they can take amore active role in protecting their environment. In addition Affinity serves as a forum for environmental activists to voice theirconcerns.

The B-W Greenway Community Land Trust
The mission of the B-W Greenway Community is to educate the public about the value of wetlands and the importance of connecting the Beavercreek and Wenrick Wetlands with a greenway; to promote sustainable use of land within the B-WGC while balancing human and wildlife needs; and to protect, preserve, and steward open space for farming, recreation, habitat, and watershed management.

C.F. Water
Supporting the environment in Ohio and the Midwest.

F. R.O.G.S.
The "Pennies for Trees" Logo is a frog which is a good choice since kids seem to like frogs and because frogs are the "canary in the mine" for our environment. Several species of frogs are showing population declines and mutations with missing or extra legs, missing eyes, etc. It is a subject matter that brings the "rain forest problems" to the children’s backyard.

Ohio Environmental Council
Today, the mission of the Ohio Environmental Council is to inform, unite and empower all Ohio citizens to protect the environment and conserve natural resources by rectifying past abuses and preventing future harm.

Buckeye Forest Council
The Buckeye Forest Council (BFC) is a grassroots organization dedicated to the protection ofOhio's forests and their inhabitants through education, advocacy, and organizing. Our work movesbeyond traditional forest advocacy to address the interconnected problems of resource depletionand economic insecurity, and the impact these problems have on the land, wildlife and people.

Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
Our mission is to organize and maintain a diverse grassroots organization dedicated to the improvement and preservation of the environment through education, communication, and leadership development.

Audubon in the state of Ohio
This web site's purpose is to inform currentmembership, as well as other interested parties, of thechapter's activities.

Ohio Citizen Action
Ohio Citizen Action is the largest organization of its kind in the nation, with 150,000 dues-paying members. On issue after issue, Ohio Citizen Action's do-it-yourself politics has made the difference between victory and defeat.

Sierra Club - Ohio Chapter
Protect Ohio's Environment: For our Families, For our Future

Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission
The Hamilton County Environmental Action Commission (HCEAC) was established in November of 1991 by Ohio EPA Director, Donald R. Schregardus. The community- based group will work to achieve the following goals: identify existing toxic problems and sources; assist in designating areas which warrant investigation; and recommend and prioritize solutions.

The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes
The Nature Center at Shaker Lakes exists for the preservation and enjoyment of a natural area surrounded by city and suburb, and for the education of all in the region so they may become stewards of the environment.

Cornell Center for the Environment
The Cornell Center for the Environment (CfE) is committed to research, teaching, and outreach focused on environmental issues, with the goals of enhancing the quality of life, encouraging economic vitality, and promoting the conservation of natural resources for a sustainable future.

Environmental Education Council of Ohio
The Environmental Education Council of Ohio is a non-profit organization for educators and others who are concerned about the environment.

Division of Natural Areas and Preserves
Welcome to ODNR- Division of Natural Areas and Preserves...

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