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Featured Site
Missouri Environmental Education Association
Missouri Environmental Education Association
The Missouri Environmental Education Association (MEEA) promotes and encourages education about the environment. MEEA is composed of individuals, institutions, organizations and business/industry with a common interest in enhancing education about the environment. MEEA works to develop an environmentally-literate citizenry inspired with a sense of personal responsibility to maintain a sustainable environment.
Missouri Coalition for the Environment
The Missouri Coalition for the Environment works to preserve, protectand enhance an environment that is livable, healthful and sustainablethrougha comprehensive program of education, citizen action, and legal defense.

Sierra Club
Protect America's environment; for our families, for our future.

The MDC Teacher's Page
This site provides sources to aid educaters in teaching about the environment.

MDC Forestry Page
Our mission: To ensure the well-being of the forest resource and address what people need from that resource.

Missouri Heartwood Coalition
Heartwood is an association of groups, individuals, and businesses dedicated to the health and well being of thenative forest of the Central Hardwood region, and its interdependent plant, animal, and human communities.We beleive that the principal role of public forests is the conservation of functioning ecosystems and the wealth ofbiological diversity they contain.

Ozark Mountain Forest and Stream Watch Page
This web page is dedicated to the hard working citizen activists who protect our region's forests and streams

Missouri Chip Mill Page
Many Missourians are concerned that high capacity chip mills will encourage large scale clearcutting which can have major and long term impacts on Missouri's forests and their soil, water quality and habitat resources.

Audubon Missouri
Links to the issues the Audobun Society addresses and the many chapters of Missouri.

Missouri Conservation Department
The Mission of the Missouri Department of Conservation:To protect and manage the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state,To serve the public and facilitate their participation in resource management activities,To provide opportunity for all citizens to use, enjoy, and learn about fish, forest, and wildlife resources.

Department of Natural Resources
We envision a Missouri where people live and work in harmony with our natural and cultural resources; make decisions that result in a quality environment and a place where we can prosper today and in the future.

Ozark Bioregional SEAC
We seacers here at Wash U have decided to partially participate in the MO Coalition's Toxics Tour during wihich they are going to travel around the parts of southern missouri which have been affected by lead mining and those which would be (the Eleven Point) if Doe Run got their way.

Voices from the Forest
Voices from the Forest is a speakers program, providing inspirational and knowlegable presentations to yourcampus, conference, meeting, or other event. The program brings you the opportunity to educate yourself andothers about the issues and real-life challenge of preserving and restoring the central hardwood forest, whilesupporting the individuals who find themselves on the front lines in the controversial issues which have cometo their communities.

Rolla Chapter of the Student Environmental Action
Our goals are to inform UMR and the Rolla community of environmentally related issues thataffect our world today. The SEAC is involved in many different areas of environmental concernincluding recycling, wildlife preservation, land preservation, natural resources issues, cleanair/water/earth, and state forest/river maintenance.

Missouri Water Environment Association
Welcome to our web site. MWEA membership is about 800 strong and has been consistently growing and improving to benefit both our profession and the water quality of our great State, Missouri. For more information on our organization, please continue on to the Introduction page. Enjoy your visit!

Gateway Green Alliance
The Gateway Green Center opened March 13, 1999 at 6101 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis (at Rosedale, across from the Metro station, east of Skinker). Green Wednesday meetings happen every 1st Wednesday at the Gateway Green Center; everyone is welcome. A variety of topics are discussed. Current issues include organizing the Missouri Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (MORAGE), organizing the Missouri Green Party, election-year Green candidacies, supporting other community actions, and continuing to build coalitions with labor and social justice organizations concerned with the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Missouri River Communities Network
The Missouri River Communities Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit membership organization whose mission is to enhance stewardship of the Missouri River. The organization started after the 1993 flood on the river when many people realized the need for average citizens to become educated about the river and more involved in helping to make decisions about how it is managed.

Greenway Network, Inc.
We are located in the heart of the United States in a county that is bounded by the Mississippi, Missouri, and Illinois Rivers. Our non-profit volunteer organization works to develop parks, trails, and recreational/educational opportunities for the enjoyment of all.

Conservation Federation of Missouri
The purpose of the Conservation Federation of Missouri is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and organizations to takeaction to conserve and to support the sustainable harvest and wise use of fish, wildlife, forest, and other natural resources, to helpprotect our planetís environment, and to nourish an ethic of stewardship and enjoyment of our natural wonders.

Center For Plant Conservation
The mission of the CPC is to prevent the extinction of plants native to the United States.

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