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Minnesota Forestry Association
Minnesota Forestry Association
Minnesota's forests are a valuable asset. Trees grow on almost 17 million acres of land in the state, and private non-industrial landowners manage nearly 43% of this important resource.
Have you ever wondered ... what a plant ecologist does? What a "typical day" for a hydrogeologist is like? Does a Park Manager have a great job? Visit our new feature DNR Profiles and find out.

Environmental Quality Board
The Environmental Quality Board at Minnesota Planning draws together five citizens and the heads of 10 state agencies that play a vital role in Minnesota’s environment and development. The board develops policy, creates long-range plans and reviews proposed projects that would significantly influence Minnesota's environment.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The MPCA mission is to protect Minnesota's environment to secure the quality of life of its citizens.

Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance
Resources for businesses, schools, local government, other institutions and you.

Sustainable Minnesota
Minnesotans for An Energy-Efficient Economy (ME3) is a coalition working to improve the quality of life, the environment and the economy of Minnesota by promoting energy efficiency and the sound use of renewable energy. Through a program of research, public education, and intervention in the decision-making process, ME3 seeks to develop and build consensus for an energy vision that will ensure the well-being of future generations.

Minnesota Environmental Initiative
Minnesota Environmental Initiative is a non-profit organization that works with business and government advocacy groups. We are here to promote environmental excellence in policy, industrial management, land use, and energy generation and use.

Rivers Council of Minnesota
The Rivers Council of Minnesota is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Minnesotans protect, restore and and enjoy our 92,000 miles of streams and rivers.

Mississippi Headwaters Board
The Mississippi Headwaters Board (MHB) is a joint powers board of the first eight counties on the Mississippi River. MHB is organized to protect and preserve the natural, cultural, scenic, scientific and recreational values of the river's first 400 miles.

Minnesota Forest Resources Council
Minnesota's governor appoints fifteen members of the Minnesota Forest Resources Council (MFRC) and the chairperson; the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council appoints one representative. These seventeen members represent a range of public and private organizations with an interest in forest resources issues. A diverse membership helps ensure that policies and programs initiated and coordinated by the MFRC will support sustainable use, management and protection of Minnesota's forest resources.

Audubon in the state of Minnesota
The Audobun chapters of Minnesota.

Izaak Walton League
Since the Leagues founding, Minnesota Ikes--22 chapters strong--have been at the forefront of state conservationefforts.Protection of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, creation of Voyageurs National Park, protection ofendangered timber wolves, and establishment of the Upper Mississippi National Fish and Wildlife Refuge are justpart of the division's legacy.

University of Minnesota Natural Resources
Concern for and management of natural resources is becoming more important each day as a result of increasing human populations and limited natural resources and habitats. Natural resource managers help balance the needs of people with the ability of ecosystems to support soil, water, forests, wildlife, fish, and recreational resources.

"The purpose of MPIRG shall be to articulate and pursue through the media, the institutions of government, the courts and other legal means the concerns of students on issues of general public interest. These areas will include environmental preservation, consumer protection, and the role of corporation and government agencies in the lives of the average citizen."

Citizens for a Better Environment
Working to prevent and fight environmental health threats through research, advocacy, public education and citizen empowerment.

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center
Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center--Providing residential environmental education experiences for learners of all ages and in all seasons.

A Thousand Friends of Frogs
A Thousand Friends of Frogs connects K-12 students, educaters, families, and scientists from Minnesota and beyond to study and celebrate frogs and thier habitats.

Minnesota Lakes Association
The Minnesota Lakes Association is a non-profit organization with rich history of grassroots networking and accomplishments. We tackle tough issues such as: unfair property taxes, water quality, pollution sources, exotic species, agency rules & regulations.

Minnesota Ground Water Association
The Minnesota Ground Water Association (MGWA) is a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to the following primary objectives: promotion and encouragement of the scientific and public policy aspects of ground water; establishing a common forum for scientists, engineers, planners, educators, attorneys, and other persons concerned with ground water; education of the general public regarding ground water resources; dissemination of information on ground water through meetings of the membership.

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