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Featured Site
Public Educational Access to Resources on Lakes in Maine
Public Educational Access to Resources on Lakes in Maine web site is designed to improve access to information on over 5700 Maine lakes through a centralized, searchable database. It is a cooperative effort initiated, coordinated, and maintained by the University of Maine Water Research Institute (WRI) and the UMaine Department of Spatial Information Science and Engineering.
Maine Environmental Hotline
The Maine Environmental Hotline 1-800-CLEANUP and website, is a public/private partnership designed to empower Maine residents with proactive environmental information and programs through a single network. As this program continues to grow, it will expand to include even more community specific information.

Environmental Science and Policy Program at U.S.M.
Department resources for an undergraduate degree are currently available.

Maine Department of Conservation
Maine's vast natural resources and rugged outdoor experiences create our heritage that shines as a beacon, drawing citizens andvisitors alike, season after season, to our shores and forests. Created in 1973, the Department of Conservation is the steward of the lands that represent this independent, pioneering spirituniquely inherent to Maine. The Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Fort Knox, Cutler Coast, Nahmakanta, and the Mahoosics aresome examples of the lands entrusted to the department by the people of Maine.

Department of Environmental Protection
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for environmental protection and regulation in thestate of Maine. DEP is organized into the following major units: the Board of Environmental Protection (appointed by the Governor),the Commissioner's Office and three bureaus which administer the Department's environmental programs: Air Quality, Land andWater Quality, and Remediation and Waste Management.

Maine Audobun Society
Since its inception in 1843 as the Portland Society of Natural History, the Maine Audubon Society has become one of New England's leading regional organizations for environmental advocacy and education. An independent nonprofit organization supported by 6500 member households, Maine Audubon Society is dedicated to the protection, conservation, and enhancement of Maine's ecosystems through the promotion of individual understanding and actions.

Sebago Lake Association
Our site's mission is to be a complete source of information about water quality, protection and the water quality status of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and ground water in the Sebago lake Watershed.

The Lakes Environmental Association
The Lakes Environmental Association is a private, non-profit organization founded in Naples, Maine in1970 to protect the water quality and watersheds of the Sebago-Long Lake Region. The Associationserves the towns of Bridgton, Denmark, Harrison, Naples, Sweden, and Waterford as well as SebagoLake.

Maine Congress of Lake Associations
The purpose of Maine COLA is to promote the protection and enhancement of the water quality ofMaine's lakes and ponds and to preserve their ecological, economic, recreational, and aesthetic value.Maine COLA works with and through its chapters, affiliates, members, and other interested parties. Thismay be done through water quality monitoring, promoting responsible land-use practices, and maintainingthe integrity of watershed ecology.

Cobbossee Watershed District (CWD)
Welcome to the Cobbossee Watershed District Website. We thank you for stopping by, and hope you back often. We also hope that you find us a complete source for information about the lakes in the watershed, and to help us achieve that goal we welcome your comments or questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are glad to assist you in any way we can.

The Snow Pond / Messalonskee Lake Association
The purpose of this organization is to educate and promote the responsible use of the lake for the benefit of all. Enhanced water quality, preservation and protection of the lakes natural character is our goal. The Snow Pond / Messalonskee Lake Association is a non profit all volunteer organization. Founded 1990

Natural Resources Council of Maine
The Natural Resources Council is Maine's leading environmental advocacy organization.

Bureau of Land and Water Quality
A bureau of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (Maine DEP).

Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program
The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program (VLMP) is one of the largest and oldest citizen-based environmental monitoring programs in the country.Its mission is to provide protection for the nearly 6,000 lakes in Maine through the acquisition of scientific data, and to raise public awareness about the extraordinary ecological, aesthetic, and economic value provided by our lakes.

The Echo Lake Association
The Echo Lake Association was formed over fifty years ago to protect Echo Lake and its environs, promote the preservation of wildlife and fisheries, and encourage social intercourse among its members. Our association is made up of property owners and other interested individuals from the three towns adjoining Echo Lake.

Maine Land Trust Network
A network of mutual support & shared vision working to conserve Maine's outstanding natural lands.

The Nature Conservancy
Welcome to the Maine Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. I am pleased to be able to introduce you to ourwork and to the natural diversity of our state. If you live in Maine or have visited here, you already know thatour state offers a variety of spectacular landscapes, from the rock-bound coast to the mountains, lakes, riversand forests of the interior. These are the broad strokes of nature. They are enough to catch your eye andperhaps enough to draw you closer.

Maine Island Trail Association
MITA's goal is to establish a model of thoughtful use and volunteer stewardship for the Maine islands that will assure their conservation in a natural state while providing an exceptional recreational asset that is maintained and cared for by the people who use it.

Turtle Island Conservation Land Services
Welcome to Turtle Island Conservation Land Services. We are experienced land conservation professionals offering reliable, consistent help where your organization needs it most - through conservation easement monitoring, baseline data documentation, and preliminary site review services.

Gulf of Maine Coastal Ecosystems Program
The Gulf of Maine Coastal Ecosystems Program identifies, protects and restores nationally important habitat for fish and wildlife including coastal wetlands, rivers harboring Atlantic salmon and other migratory fish, and coastal nesting islands. The Gulf of Maine Program shares information and collaborates with others to implement habitat protection and restoration projects. Partners include other USFWS offices, federal and state agencies, national and statewide conservation groups, local land trusts, angling groups, watershed associations and landowners.

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