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Sierra Club: Cumberland Chapter
Sierra Club
The Cumberland Chapter web site has a whole new look. In addition to expanded sections for the Cumberland Newsletter, Group News, and Outings, we will be the online host for the Kentucky Conservation Committee's Legislative Alerts during the 2000 Legislative session. New sections include a Gallery for photo and art submissions and a Library with Chapter bylaws, position papers, historical documents, and newsletter archive. Check the site often-many new items will be popping up.
Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet
The Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Cabinet provides education and training to all segments of Kentucky's population. Most of the cabinet's educational efforts are focused on providing information to specific groups in order to help them comply with cabinet regulations or mandates.

Kentucky Environmental Education Council
The Kentucky Environmental Education Council was established to improve Kentuckiansí understanding of their environment. Although our major focus is primary and secondary education, the Council also works with colleges and universities, businesses, local governments, private organizations and citizens; in fact, anyone who wishes to help themselves or their students better understand our relationship to the natural world.

Environmental Justice in Western Jefferson County, Kentucky
Environmental Justice (EJ) means that no racial, ethnic, or socioeconomic group should bear an unfair amount of air, water, or land pollution in their community. For years, residents of Western Jefferson County have voiced concern over the environmental conditions in their neighborhoods because of the numerous manufacturing sites located in the area. In 1996, the Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center was awarded a grant from US EPA to help organize and address citizens' concerns.

Center for Environmental Education
Since 1976, the Center for Environmental Education has provided quality programs and materials to Murray State University faculty, students, and the educational community in the University's service area. In so doing it has become a national model for university-based environmental education centers.

Kentucky Association For Environmental Education
Problems of the environment span international, national, regional, and local sectors. Comprehensive educational programs areneeded to inform all citizens of the basic concepts dealing with harmonious, environmental living. The end result should be abetter life for all of us.

Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission
The January-February online edition of EQC's newsletter Kentucky's Environment is now available. Want to know more about how well Kentucky is doing protecting its water, air, and land? The EQC 1998-99 State of Kentucky's Environment report detailing environmental trends and conditions is now available online in PDF format.

Water Watch
We are dedicated to helping you protect the streams, rivers, lakes and wetlandsnear and dear to your heart. To learn more about the program, click on!

Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
Our engineers, geologist, and environmental managers work with all groups helping them to reduce waste while maintaining or increasing profit. We are a non-profit organization established by the general assembly to provide technical assistance at no cost to you!

Audubon in the state of Kentucky
The Audobun chapters of Kentucky are listed here.

Kentucky Information in Cyberspace
Environment page contains many reports on the status of the environment in Kentucky, government contacts in relation, and a listing of natural areas to see.

Environmental Protection Scholarship Program
The Environmental Protection Scholarship Program is administered through KWRRI and funded by the Kentucky NaturalResources Environmental Protection Cabinet. The objectives of the program are to: promote environmental education at the undergraduate and graduate level in the state universities; assist the State's environmental protection agencies in their effort to hire qualified professional staff.

Kentucky Division of Conservation
The mission of the Kentucky Division of Conservation is to assist Kentucky's 121 local conservationdistricts in the development and implementation of sound soil and water conservation programs; tomanage, enhance, and promote the wise use of the Commonwealth's natural resources; to responsivelyadminister the conservation programs of the Division of Conservation; to ensure, through conservationdistricts, the availability of technical and financial assistance to the landowners and land users ofKentucky.

Save the Valley
Contributions are tax deductable. Our purpose is to hold the line and prevent further pollution of our air, water, and land in the Valley of the Ohio River between Lawrenceburg, Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky. STV represents environmental and public interest before regulatory agencies and at all levels of the court system.

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