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Iowa Environmental Council
The Iowa Environmental Council is an alliance of diverse organizations and individuals working with all Iowans to protect our natural environment. We seek a sustainable future through: shaping public policy, research and education, coalition-building, and advocacy.
The Iowa Conservation Partners
A Conservation Partnership that provides Leadership for the Enhancement of Iowa's Natural Resources and Quality of Life.We work together to protect Iowa's 36 million acres of land. Care of most of this land is in the hands of private landowners. The Partners work with landowners and organizations to improve the resources through technical and financial assistance programs.

Sierra Club
The webmaster dedicates this site to the memory of John Denver, for his Life, Work, Music and Love. A friend, whose work for the environment will never cease! Remember, One Person, can make a difference!

Friends of the Prairie Learning Center
Mission Statement: To increase public awareness and appreciation of the Refuge; To encourage public participation in prairie restoration and preservation; To promote public use and enjoyment of the Refuge...

The department's mission is to manage, protect, conserve, and develop Iowa's natural resources in cooperation with otherpublic and private organizations and individuals, so that the quality of life for Iowans is significantly enhanced by the use,enjoyment and understanding of those resources.

Iowa Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section
The Iowa Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section web page is a voluntary effort by members of The Iowa StateBar Association's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Section and is not a formal publication of the Iowa State BarAssociation. This page is intended to provide a resource for attorneys interested in finding a centralized resource for on-linedata, including regulations, laws, and EPA sites.

Recycle Iowa
Learn why buying recycled means more savings, more choices, more sales, and more customers. Buy Recycled, Iowa! provides you the resources to attain these benefits.

1000 Friends of Iowa
Our mission is to educate the citizens of Iowa about the long-term benefits of halting urban sprawl, conserving and protecting our agricultural andnatural resources, and revitalizing our urban neighborhoods while providing for the sustainable growth of our cities and ruralcommunities.

Conservation Districts of Iowa
Our mission is to provide education and leadership through districts to promote conservation of natural resources.

Audubon in the state of Iowa
The Audobun chapters of Iowa. Get involved!

Drake Environmental Law Society
Our mission is to publish and bring information to Drake Law School students concerning community environmental issues.

Iowa Association of County Conservation Boards
The Iowa Association of CountyConservation Boards is a non-profit organization assisting member conservation boards in areas of board member education, public relations, and legislation. The association's main purposes are to promote the objectives and supplement the activities conservation boards, exchange information, assist boards and members in program development and provide a unified voice in the legislature.

The Environmental Leadership Institute
Our Mission: To help environmental organizations cooperatively schedule events and to aid those who might attend.

Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management
Grasses and wildflowers of Iowa's original prairie landscape are well adapted for use inroadsides. They provide the best low-maintenance weed and erosion control. Added benefitsinclude beautification, habitat enhancement and prairie restoration. These native plants form thecornerstone of Iowa's Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) program.

Iowa Association of Naturalists
Our mission is planting the seeds of environmental education to establish lines of communication among interpreters for the stimulation ofthought, exchange of ideas and mutual assistance.

Iowa Citizen Action Network
ICAN is Iowa's largest grass roots consumer and environmental watchdog organization, with nearly 30,000 individual members across the state. ICAN is also an alliance of community, religious, labor,senior, farm, environmental and civil rights organizations - a coalition that is working together to raise the living standards andimprove the quality of life for all people in Iowa.

Environmental Advocates
Our mission is to make our local environment cleaner, safer and more life sustaining. We believe citizen involvement is crucial to preservingand enhancing environmental quality in Iowa City, Coralville and Johnson County and we believe such local action is the key tosustaining the global ecology that is ultimately the source of all our livelihoods.

Environmental Awareness Committee
Our mission is to foster environmental awareness among member congregations, recognizing our intimate relationship with God's creation andencourage ways of sustainable living and promoting programs and laws that enhance it.

Iowa Recycling Association
Our mission is to promote cost-effective recycling activities in Iowa. The Association provides a forum to: (1) learn about waste reduction andrecycling issues; (2) affect recycling efforts in our communities and workplaces; and (3) access and exchange resources andinformation.

Iowa  Renewable  Energy Association
I-RENEW is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy and energy conservation in Iowa. I-RENEW also works with related organizations in Iowa and throughout the United States to achieve these aims.

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