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Izaak Walton League
Izaak Walton League
Founded in 1922, the Izaak Walton League of America is a national conservation organization whose 50,000 members protect and enjoy America's soil, air, woods, waters and wildlife. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, the League also has a regional office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Indiana Division of the IWLA has about 28 chapters our state and publishes a quarterly tabloid, the Hoosier Waltonian, edited by Jim Daniels. Indiana members (who refer to themselves as "Ikes"), are involved in issues and projects as diverse as wetland protection and restoration, land acquisition, Lake Michigan and ground water and air quality, public lands management, hazardous wastes, River Otter reintroduction, solid waste issues, and Youth Camps.
Bloomington Rainforest Action Group
The Bloomington Rainforest Action Group is a chapter of the Rainforest Action Network at Indiana University. We are a local group working to raise awareness about rainforest issues. BRAG strives to educate consumers on how our purchasing habits support corporate devastation of tropical forests. We educate by sponsoring lectures, showing videos, passing out pamphlets, and talking with the Bloomington community.

Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana
Founded in 1974, Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana is a not-for-profit coalition of organizations and over 300,000 individual members throughout the state of Indiana. For over two decades CAC has worked to empower citizens, promote economic and environmental justice.

Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads
The CARR Steering Committee meets monthly and we welcome members and other interested folks. Please call or email us for information and location.

Hoosier Environmental Council
To educate the public about our organization and its goals. To allow others access to the information and resources we possess in their continuing fight towards a better Indiana environment.

Grand Calumet Task Force
The Grand Calumet Task Force is a community environmental organization which works to improve the land, air and water quality of the Grand Calumet River and the urban ecosystem that surrounds it and to achieve environmental justice for the people of Northwest Indiana It is possible - more than just a vision - to promote environmentally sound jobs and diverse economic development which successfully integrate the Calumet Region's goals for a strong economy and a clean and healthy environment.

Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club
Everything you need to know about the Sierra Club of Indiana including outings, game plans for conservation in the future, and possibly dangerous pollution areas.

Hoosier Rails to Trails Council
Can you imagine hiking miles of peaceful, tree-lined paths from county to county? Jogging auto-free greenways edged with lilacbushes and wildflowers? Bicycling historic pathways connecting shopping areas, schools, and parks? All this and more canbecome a reality - now - if you help.Indiana has the opportunity to create rail-trails on hundreds of miles of abandoned railbeds.

Indiana Audubon Society
Operates a Rare Bird Hot-Line, call (317) 767-4727 [767-IRARe -- this number changed on 09 NOV 1999] or read the online transcript. Conducts Spring and Fall Convention/Workshops - PUBLIC WELCOME Conducts a statewide Spring, Summer, and Winter Bird Census...FIND OUT MORE HERE!

Indiana Native Plant and Wildflower Society
Promoting the appreciation, conservation, beauty, diversity and environmental importance of indigenous vegetation.

Nature Conservancy of Indiana
Accomplishments:Kankakee Sands, a 7,200 acre wetland restoration project in Newton County, undertaken in 1996 with the financial support of The Lilly Endowment and project partners; Land acquisition total exceeds 34,700 acres; Indiana Chapter membership at 15,150; *Find out more about The Nature Conservancy's accomplishments and how to assist them in plans for the future...

Save the Dunes Council
The Save the Dunes Council of northwest Indiana was founded in 1952, one of the oldest grassroots conservation organizations in the country. Its objectives are to maintain and restore the integrity and quality of the natural environment of the Indiana Dunes region. The hard work of Save the Dunes Council members led to the establishment of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore in 1966; the group continues to work on a wide variety of issues concerning the Dunes and the environmental quality of the area. The efforts of the Save the Dunes Council are supported entirely by membership dues, donations and volunteer time.

Animal Defense League
The Animal Defense League is a strictly grassroots oriented animal liberation organization, dedicated to exposing animal abuse in all of its forms. We believe in liberation as opposed to the awarding of rights, for a caged mink is concerned with nothing short of freedom - of being liberated from the fur farm.

Indiana Karst Conservancy
"Protecting caves through active conservation"
National Earth-Sea's Directory Library
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