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Environment Hawaii
Published continuously since July 1990, Environment Hawai`i has earned a reputation as the single most important source of news on environmental issues in the 50th state. Each issue contains 12 solid pages (no ads) of articles and columns concerning developments and projects that are certain to have, for better or worse, an impact on Hawai`i's people, land and ocean resources.
The Hawai'i Natural Heritage Program
The Hawai'i Natural Heritage Program (HINHP) is a non-profit affiliate of The Nature Conservancy of Hawai'i. HINHPcompiles and maintains detailed, comprehensive information on Hawaii's rarest biological resources. HINHP's mission is tosynthesize, interpret, and distribute this information to a wide set of appropriate users toward making a positive impact onbiodiversity protection.

Ahupua Action Alliance
The Alliance is a coalition of grassroots environmental and Hawaiian organizations.

Hawaii Water Environment Association
he Hawaii Water Environment Association (HWEA), formerly known as the Hawaii Water Pollution Control Association, is a non-profit organization which was founded on August 9, 1962.

Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals
E komo mai (WELCOME !) -- This is the World Wide Web Homepage of the Hawaii Association of Environmental Professionals designed (with hope, if not promise) to keep our internet-savvy members abreast of our chapterdoings and provide useful information about HAEP and NAEP with links to our sister and brother chapters around the U.S. Thiswebsite incorporates the following pages, which are updated as needed. Revision dates appear under the heading on each page.

 Hawaii Environmental Education Association
The Hawaii Environmental Education Association provides environmental educators with opportunities for professional development; fosters communication among environmental educators, promotes sharing of ideas, resource materials, and innovative education programs; and works to strengthen public support of environmental education. This site is an experiment in providing some of these services over the web. The calendar of events, environmental education resource links, and information on the HEEA Conference you see here now are only the beginning of what we hope to offer.

Our Environment
Building a sustainable future is in no small part about buildings. For most of us the building that means the most, and impacts us themost, is our homes. Whether it's a classic single family house, an apartment or condominium, even a converted warehouse ortenement loft, our homes are often the focus of our lives. With this in mind we have chosen to focus "Green Building" in this, Issue#6 of Our Environment -- Online."

'Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi
The 'Ahahui Malama I Ka Lokahi is a non-profit organization created by native Hawaiians who recognize that Hawai'i's unique native plants, animals, and ecosystems represent a vital cultural resource in danger of extinction. We believe that Hawaii's native ecosystems provide the cultural heart of its people, the basis for traditional material culture, and constitutes what makes the Hawaiian link to the land unique in the world.

Hawaii Ecotourism Association
E Komo Mai (Welcome)! Please browse our Web site for information about: ecotourism issues and concerns in Hawaii; links to ecotourism-related information and resources; a cross-reference directory of our members, including toll-free numbers, e-mail and Web links; guide to activities and attractions which promote the conservation of Hawaii's natural and cultural heritage; and information on how to join the Hawaii Ecotourism Association.

The Nature Conservancy
The mission of The NatureConservancy is to preserve plants,animals and natural communitiesthat represent the diversity of lifeon Earth by protecting the landsand waters they need to survive.

Secretariat for Conservation Biology
The Secretariat for Conservation Biology (SCB) is an innovative partnership guided by ten organizations involved in natural resource management, conservation biology research, and training programs in Hawaii. The SCB staff (Director, Program Officer and Education Specialist) are based at the University of Hawaii Center for Conservation Research and Training, while an advisory board representing the partner organizations meet quarterly to design and guide the SCB agenda and activities.

Lyon Arboretum
"An eden in our urban backyard." That is what Governor John Waihee called the University of Hawaii at Manoa,Lyon Arboretum in his 1992 State of the State Address. The governor's statement epitomized the consensus of many a visitor tothis little known part of our island paradise.

The Center for Plant Conservation
The Center for Plant Conservation has a field office in Hawai`i, staffed by Administrative Assistant Jill Laughlin. This officereceives operational support from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

Save Our Seas
The mission of Save Our Seas is to preserve, protect and restore the world's oceans for the future of all life forms on the planet.

Environmental Law Society
The William S. Richardson School of Law is noted for the involvement ofmembers of the Environmental Law Society (ELS) in environmental issues. Sinceits creation in 1977, the student-run ELS has steadily built a program of education,scholarship, and public service. The ELS is now one of the most active and largestof the student organizations at the school of law.

The Hawai`i Chapterof the Sierra Club
Here we present information about the Sierra Club's role in protecting Hawai`i's unique environment, what we're doing aboutproblems right now, and how you can help. You'll also find the most up to date listings of hikes and Chapter activities and links toother interesting web sites.

The Conservation Councilfor Hawai'i
The Conservation Council for Hawai'i (CCH) is a citizen's organization promoting environmental health andeducation; and conservation and management of Hawai'i's natural resources. CCH is the Hawai'i affiliateof the National Wildlife Federation (NWF). Our mission is to help people understand our natural environment and their relationship to it.

A Project Invitation from Punahou School, Honolulu, Hawaii...
Is some foreign plant choking off native trees in your area? Are native animals being killed by thehundreds? Is industrial pollution ruining the air you breathe? If so, we cordially invite you to present aproject on an enviromental issue concerning your community. We believe that our generation isresponsible for the preservation of our earth, and that we must start being aware of our surroundings.Pick an issue that you are interested in and suggest possible solutions.

Hawaii's Marine Wildlife: Whales, Dolphins, Turtles, and Seals A Course of Study Based on a currciulum written by Emily Gardner, M.S. May 1993 for Earthtrust and the Hawaii State Department of Education.

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