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Featured Site
Florida Panther Society
Welcome to the home page of the Florida Panther Society, a non-profit environmental education and support organization for Felis concolor coryi.
The Conservancy of Southwest Florida
The Conservancy of Southwest Florida
Southwest Florida's environmental leader, assisting with the protection of nearly 300,000 acres of environmentally sensitive land in Southwest Florida. In addition to environmental protection, The Conservancy serves as an environmental advocate, working proactively to offer sound solutions -- not just criticisms -- to the region's mounting environmental problems.

The Florida Center for Environmental Studies
The Florida Center for Environmental Studies represents the ten state universities and four major private universities. The center acts as a facilitator and co-ordinator of research and training related to the environment and as a locus for environmental information. Grounding its activities in the Florida sub-tropical environment, its mandate encompasses global tropical and sub-tropical environments especially the issues and problems of water dominated ecosystems.

Friends of the Everglades
Welcome to Friends of the Everglades. Our organization was founded in 1969 by Marjory Stoneman Douglas, the pioneer Everglades advocate and author of Everglades: The River of Grass. Friends strives to protect and restore the Greater Kissemee-Okeechobee-Everglades Ecosystem. Our primary tools are are legal advocacy and education. In this site, you will find information on the Florida Everglades and on how you can help win the fight to protect one of the world's unique natural treasures.

Florida Audubon Society
Audobun Chapters in Florida.

Florida Internet Center for Understanding Sustainability
FICUS is an educational network and discussion forum provided by The Florida Center for Community Design and Research (FCCDR) and member organizations. The site is continually expanding and is currently attracting large numbers of users. The site is designed for use by all citizens interested in the mission.

Caribbean Conservation Corporation
Celebrating 40 Years of Saving Sea Turtles and Their Habitats!

Florida Conservation Foundation
"To protect Florida's environment for the future, we need more than strong feelings and good intentions. We must have accurate information. And we must understand how to use it."

The Refuge at Ocklawaha
"To protect Florida's environment for the future, we need more than strong feelings and good intentions. We must have accurate information. And we must understand how to use it."

Reef Relief
Reef Relief was founded in 1986 by charterboat skipper, Craig Quirolo, the current Director of Marine Projects. Reef Relief is a non-profit corporation, directed by a Board of Directors, a Citizen Advisory Board and a Scientific Advisory Board.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
The Mission of the Department of Environmental Protection is: More Protection, Less Process

It is the intention of this web site to fulfill 3 main purposes: To help environmental and animal rights organizations achieve their goals by providing a conduit of information to the public and to businesses. This is designed to help bring more financial support, awareness, and volunteers to them. To provide a vehicle for reporting the level of success acheived by each organization in protecting the environment, endangered species, and for preserving life in general. To furnish information about the enterprises that are attempting to make an effort to protect the environment; or are sincerely finding ways of conducting business less harmful to the earth and it's inhabitants.

Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education
The state's environmental education program has gained considerable momentum since its almost imperceptible beginning fivedecades ago. Its evolution has occurred as a result of decisions made by the state's legislative and executive leadership motivatedby the public and the impacts of the state's incredible growth rate.Its humble beginning is attributed to Governor Millard Caldwell when, in the late 1940s, he appointed the Governor's ResourcesUse Education Committee that was the first to touch on the need for education about our natural resources.

Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission
Members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are appointed by the governor, confirmed by the Senate andserve five-year terms. Correspondence to the Commissioners may be sent in care of: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission 620 South Meridian Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-1600

Forest Protection Bureau
Everything forest protection in Florida from aircraft operations to conservation.

Friends Of Lake Apopka
The Friends of Lake Apopka (FOLA), founded in 1991, is a citizen advocacy group dedicated to the restoration of Lake Apopka.

Archibold Biological Station
The Station fosters long-term ecological research on native plants and animals of central Florida and also provides environmental education for K-12 children.

Green Partners
As good citizens, we all want to do our part to protect our fragile environment. Clean air and clean water are important to us. That's why we began the Green Partners program, to assist and encourage businesses to protect our resources.

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